Sihl SyntiTec PP Film - 180 Matt


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Sihl SyntiTec PP Film - 180 Matt

Universal matt-finish polypropylene film for indoor and outdoor displays and A-boards

In combination with aqueous ink systems, this tear resistant PP film is suitable for the production of A-boards, information stands and other POS applications. The matt paper like surface prevents reflections and delivers brilliant prints. Thanks to a thickness of 180 µm, the material provides high stiffness, easy handling and optimum processing characteristics. For example, it can be mounted without problems with double-sided adhesive tape. In combination with pigment inks, the material is suitable for short or mid-term outdoor applications.


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Product Information

Sihl SyntiTec PP Film - 180 Matt


  • Brilliant colour reproduction
  • Splashproof prints for short- to medium-term outdoor applications
  • Tear resistant
  • Quick further processing
  • High scratch resistance



  • Tear resistant
  • Outdoor suitable



  • Exhibition stand construction /POS / Events

Technical Specs

Sihl SyntiTec PP Film - 180 Matt

Thickness (film) [µm]: 190

Weight [g/m²]: 130

Whiteness, CIE D65/2°: 102

Shrinkage MD (5 min/120°C) [%]: ~0.6

Shrinkage CD (5 min/120°C) [%]: ~0.05

Further Information

Sihl SyntiTec PP Film - 180 Matt

General tips

The converting and storage should take place in a climate from 35 to 65% to relative humidity at a temperature from 10 to 30°C. Keep the product in the original packaging (cardboard box and PE bag). It is always recommended that cotton gloves be used when handling InkJet coated materials to avoid fingerprints.

This product is excellent for both in and out-door application. For optimal outdoor applications the film must be printed with pigmented inks however this leaves a limited water-resistance. Therefore  unlaminated media can only be used outside on a short-term basis. For example a print made on HP DJ2500 CP using UV pigment inks, gave a Q_U_V test result of approx 500 hrs, outdoor tests in Switzerland showed good results after 2 months (unlaminated) using the same inks (and 4 months with laminated prints). This product has excellent lamination properties, good results can be achieved with most hot and cold laminates. However when using hot laminates it is important that temperatures are not too hot (max 100°C) to avoid warping and ripples.