Sihl Rocket Photo Paper PE - 250 Satin


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Sihl Rocket Photo Paper PE - 250 Satin

Universal, satin PE coated photo paper for poster and photo applications

This micro porous, satin coated photo paper with PE film on both sides, is suitable for indoor posters and photo applications and offers outstanding value for money. The coating is optimised for use with aqueous ink systems and enables quick drying. Prints impress with high colour brilliance and a broad colour gamut. Thanks to a weight of 250 gsm, this product also offers particularly high opacity.


 Sihl Rocket Photo Paper PE is an environmentally friendly product

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Product Information

Sihl Rocket Photo Paper PE - 250 Satin


  • Excellent colour reproduction
  • High resolution of details and excellent contour definition
  • High ink absorption capacity
  • High opacity, thanks to a heavy base paper



  • Environmentally friendly



  • Large format photo
  • Photos and posters

Technical Specs

Sihl Rocket Photo Paper PE - 250 Satin

Weight [g/m²]: 250

Thickness (paper) [µm]: 245

Chromaticity (D50/2°) M0: L* 93.1 a* 2.0 b* -9.0

Opacity [%]: 98.8

Whiteness (R457) front side [%]: 92.7

Further Information

Sihl Rocket Photo Paper PE - 250 Satin

General tips

To maintain quality, the paper should be stored and converted under the following conditions of 30-65% relative humidity and at temperatures of 10-30 °C. Lamination (hot/cold) is recommended to secure long-lasting unchanged image quality. Over time unprotected dye colours will deteriorate through atmospheric processes (does not apply to pigment colours).