Neschen UV Dot Print n Walk Floor System



6037895 - 6037897 - 6036727

A monomeric structure matte white PVC film with a single sided dot shaped adhesive coating making it ideal to reposition and handle. Designed for used to create short term floor graphic advertising Neschen Print n Walk is suitable for use with mostUV Curable and latex printers and is highly scratch resistant washable and resistant to a large number of detergents and solvents.

Key Features

Designed for

  • unique Floor Graphics film for Floor Graphics advertising
  • not any additional laminating film requiered
  • extremly easy and bubble free to apply due to the "easy dot" adhesive technology (even when applied by an ordinary person)
  • suitable for indoor use (according to our Floor Graphics application tips)


Neschen Product Features

  • 200 µm structured, white, monomeric soft-PVC
  • "easy dot" adhesive technology
  • R9 certified (IFA DIN 51130), after being printed with Latex- and UV-curable inks
  • fire classification according EN 13501-1 incl. UV-curable inks (class B - s1)
  • listed on HP Media Locator for 3rd generation of HP Latex inks (L300 series)
  • 3 inch core, printside outside


Ink Compatibility: Latex ink, UV Cure ink

Machine Compatibility: Designjet L26500, Designjet L28500, Scitex FB500, Scitex FB550, Scitex FB700, Scitex FB750, Latex 1500, Latex 260, Latex 280, Latex 3000, Latex 3100, Latex 330, Latex 3500, Latex 360, Latex 370, Latex 560, Latex 570, Scitex LX820, Scitex LX850, UV Curable




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