Neschen Solvoprint Easy Dot Clear


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Neschen Solvoprint Easy Dot Clear

A 100 micron monomeric translucent PVC with a permanent dot shaped adhesive coating making it easier to reposition difficult applications jobs Designed for short term applications the PVC film is perfect for use with Latex full and eco solvent based ink and is fire certified to B1 accreditation standards.


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Neschen Solvoprint Easy Dot Clear

  •  100 µm monomeric PVC
  •  Transparent, matt surface
  •  Frosted glass effect
  •  “dot-shaped” adhesive coating for easy application and repositioning
  • Removable adhesive properties
  • Special-PVC for printing with solvent-based- and latex inks as well as UV-LED inkjet printers
  • Perfect lay flatness, no restrictions with demanding printers
  • B1 fire certification according to DIN 4102-1
  • HP Latex Inks 3rd generation certified
  • (HP L300 series), (HP L500 series) & (HP L1500)
  • Highest colour brilliance and photorealistic print quality
  • Can be applied on smooth and flat surfaces
  • No chemical reaction between adhesive and solvent inks
  • A slight surface texture can be given due to the dot shaped adhesive


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Neschen Solvoprint Easy Dot Clear 

Suitable for (Eco) Solvent- and Latex inks (low light colours recommended)
Due to the increased UV radiation when printing with UV-curable inks, the PVC film may become brittle prematurely. Own tests are necessarily recommended.

For application on a wide range of substrates (on most of the commercially available panels etc.)
not applicable on freshly lacquered surfaces also suitable on glass surfaces.

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