Neschen Solvoclear UV Matt


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Designed for

  • Laminating film for photos, digital prints, etc.
  • indoor / outdoor suitable



Product Information

Neschen Solvoclear UV Matt

Product Features 

  • 70 µm soft PVC
  • transparent, matt, smooth
  • cadmium free
  • water-resistant adhesive
  • washable and resistant to a large number of detergents and solvents
  • UV protection against UVA- and UVB-radiation
  • high tack allows to stick on several with UV-curable inks printed media
  • 3 inch core, film inside

General information

  • one-sided self-adhesive, cadmium-free, matt, transparent, colourless monomeric Soft-PVC- film
  • washable and very resistant to a large number of detergents and solvents
  • coated with a solvent acrylic adhesive system
  • high UV- protection
  • the adhesive formulation reduces the silvering process and bonds on a wide variety of substrates - permanent bonding  

Areas of application

  • laminating film for classical photos, inkjet- and digital print medias like paper, polyester, vinyl, etc.
  • universally applicable for indoor and outdoor use
  • adhesive system works with various UV print medias (limitation: adhesive system does not work with output from the Durst Omega Printer)

Processing & Handling

  • especially when laminating inkjet prints care must be taken to ensure sufficient drying and completely curing of the inks. We recommend minimum of 24 hours.
  • weather resistance even more can be improved by sealing the edges with outdoor proof varnish or laminating overlapping (approx.. 2cm wider than the exhibit). We recommend this especially for long-term application.
  • possibly arising adhesive residues can be removed with help of denatured alcohol or benzene. 

Advantages / Special Features

  • attractive matt finish
  • protects against UV radiation and abrasion
  • high adhesion
  • water-resistant adhesive

Further Information

Neschen Solvoclear UV Matt

Neschen Solvoclear UV Matt Technical Information & Application Instructions.