Neschen Gudy Ultra Clear


6038294 - 6032375

Neschen Gudy Ultra Clear Designed for

  • Designed for mounting transparent materials to Plexiglass®, glass and polycarbonate. Very smooth and homogeneous adhesive level.
  • Best choice for Durst Lambda and Océ Lightjet photo professional prints on Fujiflex Crystal Archive Supergloss and Kodak Pro Endura.
  • Designed for face and back-mounting transparencies to Plexiglass®, glass and polycarbonate, for clear or translucent print- and photo material like Duratrans®, Ilfochrome® etc.
  • Appropriate for lenticular film applications.



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  • Highly transparent with excellent optical properties, brilliance and light transmission
  • Dimensionally stable, flexible, ageing-resistant
  • High cohesive and peel strength for reliably bonding
  • Optimized release liner with low electrostatic charge for controllable process
  • Suitable for indoor- and outdoor application
  • Offers a high temperature resistance as well as long-term durability without yellowing, delamination or degrading
  • Only processing with laminating machines is recommended (e.g. Neschen ColdLam or Neschen HotLam)

Neschen Gudy ultra clear - the crystal clear mounting film for picture mounting behind acrylic glass, glass and polycarbonate. The highly transparent polyester mounting film is an excellent choice for professional mounting of high-quality digital and analogue photo prints behind acrylic glass or glass.

Neschen Gudy ultra clear gives prints an impressive depth of field and presents colour brilliance in perfection. For years, this high-quality film has been used in galleries and museums as well as in private photo art. This product is also ideal for mounting lenticular films. Neschen Gudy ultra clear creates an extremely stable bond when used in conjunction with an aluminium plate.

This all-rounder offers many advantages: Neschen Gudy ultra clear not only gives images high brilliance and light transmission, but also a unique depth. Optimum cohesion and adhesive strength ensure a reliable bond. This product has a high-quality, clear polyester cover with low electrostatic charge. The high temperature resistance, durability – without yellowing and delamination – make gudy ultra clear an excellent choice for picture mounting. 

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