Neschen FILMOprint Easy 100 MSP Nolite


6038447 - 6040354 - 6038526 - 6038527

Neschen FILMOprint Easy 100 Nolite is a white glossy 100 micron monomeric PVC with a permanent dark grey adhesive to prevent show through when applying to background substrates/images. Water and scratch resistant with a B1 and M1 fire certification. Commonly used for vibrant, colourful interior and exterior applications, e.g. signage, stand construction, point of sale campaigns, labels/decals.



Product Information

‚ÄčNeschen FILMOprint Easy 100 MSP Nolite

General Information 

  • 100 µm monomeric PVC-film
  • one-sided self-adhesive, white and cadmium-free
  • coated with a water based and semi-permanent bonding acrylate adhesive
  • the grey pigmented adhesive prevents shining through of the background
  • Matt surface
  • no chemical reactions between solvent-based inks and acrylate adhesive 

Areas of Application

  • suitable for (Eco) Solvent-, Latex- and UV-curable inks
  • for application on a wide range of substrates (on most of the commercially available panels etc.)
  • not recommended for backlit applications
  • suitable for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Durability (unprinted) by expert processing under vertical outdoor exposure (standard Central European climate) 3-4 years
  • due to removable adhesive ideal suitable for short to medium term applications
  • can be applied on smooth and slightly curved surfaces 

Processing & Handling

  • to avoid problems in processing/lamination ensure adequate drying before lamination
  • drying time of min. 24 hours is recommended
  • storage is best to be done in upright position in the original case
  • surfaces must be properly prepared and free of contamination
  • applying by assistance of water is not recommended
  • stretching should be minimised as much as possible to prevent excessive shrinking
  • shrinking of the edges on monomeric vinyl may occur during storage time 

Advantages / Special Features

  • very good print quality
  • unproblematic adhesion on domed surfaces
  • fire protection*: B1 test certificate according DIN 4102-1
  • *all relevant fire-tests are generally performed with unprinted material 

Further Information

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Neschen Filmoprint Easy 100 Msp Nolite Technical Information.