Keencut Sabre Series 2 Cutter Bar & Base - 2000mm Full Width Image

Keencut Sabre Series 2 Cutter Bar & Base - 2000mm


The Keencut Sabre Series 2 cutter bar and base offers the same cutting capabilities as the Keencut Simplex, but is more hard-wearing and durable, thanks to its more robust construction and anodised aluminium baseboard. This versatile cutter is suitable for working with a wide range of materials.  

  • Quick and easy to use 
  • Works with a variety of blades for a range of applications 
  • Interchanging tools for maximum productivity 
  • Cuts a wide range of flexible and rigid materials 
  • Five-year product guarantee 

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Keencut Sabre Series 2







Cut Length cm (”)

100 cm (40")

150 cm (60") 200cm  (80") 250 cm (100") 300 cm (120")
A cm (”) 118(46.5) 168(66) 218(85.75) 268(105.5) 318(125)
B cm (”) 33(13) 33(13) 33(13) 33(13) 33(13)


Rotary Blade Holder included as standard

  • Cold cut textiles and other delicate materials
  • Ideal for trimming thin strips off banners and posters where a knife blade would be too aggressive
  • Comes fitted with red blade guard to be engaged when not in use for optimum safety
  • A cutting mat is required (not supplied) when using the Rotary Blade Holder

Graphik Blade Holder included as standard

  • Accepts Keencut Graphik Blades designed specifically for the Signmaker and Digital Printer:
  • Specially designed knife edge for extra stability in tougher materials
  • Extend cutting depth up to 13mm
  • Reversible - Set the blade to cut Left-Right or Right-Left
  • Increased durability and reduced tip breakage
  • Hard wearing & Oil-free
  • 10 Graphik Blades included with each machine

Vertical Cutting Action

  • Engage all blades on the Vertical Cutting Head using downward hand pressure
  • Patented space age bearing and slide system designed for operator adjustment and minimal maintenance

Medium Duty Blade Holder Included as standard

  • Use standard off-the-shelf utility blades
  • Adjust to a blade depth of 10mm
  • Each machine is supplied with a pack of 100 Medium Duty Utility Blades

Blade Depth Adjuster

  • Both the Medium Duty Blade Holder and Graphik Blade Holder feature quick height adjustment sliders
  • Adjust the blade depth on the Medium Duty blade up to 10mm cutting depth
  • Adjust the blade depth on the Graphik blade up to 13mm cutting depth 

Integral Baseplate and Hinge Arms

  • Integral base-plate with metric parallel indents and a cut groove
  • Self-levelling hinge arms for materials up to 13mm support the slideway to enable user to lift and suspend it off the work-surface when moving or repositioning media

Blade Clamp

  • All blade holders come with a single 'blade clamp knob' for quick adjustment
  • A quick turn and the blade is unclamped for removal or adjusting cutting depth

Extended squaring arm - Optional 

  • Optional extended squaring arm (91cm - 36”) available for improved accuracy and versatility
  • Order in either metric (cm) or imperial (inches)

An economical, entry-level cutting for a variety of applications

The Keencut Simplex provides a simple, cost-effective alternative to manual cutting using hand tools, for increased accuracy, efficiency and safety. It’s lightweight, portable, and perfect for cutting a wide range of materials with consistent accuracy and precision. 

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