Keencut Evolution3 FreeHand 1600mm Cutter Bar Full Width Image

Keencut Evolution3 FreeHand 1600mm Cutter Bar


The Keencut Evolution3 Freehand is the ultimate cutting tool, guaranteeing safety, reliable performance and, most of all, accuracy. Portable, flexible and easy to use, it cuts with precision every single time, helping you to minimise waste and maximise productivity to boost your bottom line.

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Reliable and built to last, with a five-year warranty
  • Futureproof and versatile QuikSwap tool heads
  • Guaranteed ultra-high precision 0.2mm accuracy
  • Cuts PVC foamboard up to 13mm


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Keencut Evolution3 Freehand Dimensional Chart







Cut Length cm (”)

110cm  (43")

160 (64") 210 (84") 260 (104") 310 (124")


A cm (”) cut + 319mm cut + 319mm cut + 319mm cut + 319mm cut + 319mm cut + 319mm
B cm (”) 155mm 155mm 155mm 155mm 155mm



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QuikSwap double Graphik tool head

  • innovative QuikSwap design saving valuable time when changing cutting heads
  • Supplied as standard with the Freehand Cutter Bar
  • Delivers two-way cutting with two individual Keencut Graphik blade holders
  • Keencut Graphik blades are stronger and more stable than regular blades
  • Pack of 100 supplied with every Keencut Evolution3 Cutter Bar

QuikSwap creaser tool head

  • Attaches or detaches from cutter in seconds
  • Makes creasing corrugated and plain card easy
  • A range of crease wheels to suit different materials
  • Ideal for stout paper, card, cardboard and grey board
  • Supplied as an optional accessory tool

QuikSwap fabric tool head

  • Spring-loaded cutting wheel
  • Adjustable pressure for reliable cutting
  • Cuts in both directions
  • Ideal for cutting fabric, paper, film, vinyl, banners, delicate materials
  • Supplied as an optional accessory tool

Reliability and peace of mind

  • Reliable and built to last
  • Designed and manufactured to Keencut’s industry-leading standards of precision
  • Guaranteed to cut to within 0.2mm if a straight line for the whole length of the cutter
  • Faster working for higher productivity
  • Five-year warranty

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Guaranteed accuracy and efficiency for ultimate peace of mind

The Keencut Evolution3 FreeHand has been designed for those who require the high precision accuracy and superior cutting quality of the Evolution3 range but in a more flexible format. It is perfect if you want the flexibility to move your cutter bar between workbenches or remove it for storage.

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Keencut Evolution3 Freehand features and performance

  • Single person operation even with the largest sheet size, can be operated from either end.
  • Better alignment means fewer mistakes and less waste, resulting in faster working for higher productivity.
  • Quick and easy to use, clamp bar can be raised with minimal effort.
  • Perfect for cutting both flexible and rigid materials, requires flat surface and cutting mat for operation.
  • Innovative QuikSwap tool heads designed to offer maximum flexibility and increased productivity.
  • Each QuikSwap head can be fitted or detached in second and are designed for a specific purpose, including general cutting, creasing or fabric cutting.
  • Ongoing development of new QuikSwap heads will offer a fully futureproof cutting solution.


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