Keencut Cutting Machines, Cutter Bars and Safety Straight Edges



Our wide product range of Keencut Cutter Bars, Mat Cutters, Rotary Cutters and Vertical Cutters mean there is a Keencut cutting machine for every visual communications requirement.

We are proud to offer a wide range of Keencut cutter accessories for the whole range of Keencut cutter bars and cutting machinery. Many of these accessories are included as standard when machines are purchased to increase usability and versatility; making Keencut equipment adaptable and affordable for any business.

Keencut Cutting Machines are manufactured completely in Corby, England by skilled and experienced technicians utilising the latest and most advanced in computer controlled equipment. Keencut source and use only the highest quality materials for their machinery, 99.98% of materials used are produced in Western Europe. All Keencut Cutting Machines are supported by a 5 year guarantee. Keencut Equipment is designed to increase the efficiency and productivity of every business in which it is used and provide many years of trouble-free service.

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