Neschen Solvoprint Easy Panel 430 B1 CA


6026980 - 6026981

Designed for

  • stiff, ideal for Pop Up systems
  • also for outdoor applications



Product Information

Neschen Solvoprint Easy Panel 430 B1 CA

General Information

  • approx. 430 µm Rigid-PVC
  • matt, white inkjet coating for solvent-based inks
  • good stiffness
  • opaque appearance 

Areas of Application

  • suitable for (eco) solvent- and UV-curable inks
  • especially suitable for Pop Up systems
  • suitable for indoor and for short term outdoor
  • application without laminating is possible; laminating is recommended Neschen laminates: e.g. filmolux scratch & filmolux PP sand

Processing & Handling

  • to avoid fingerprints, usage of cotton gloves is recommended
  • to avoid problems in processing/laminating ensure adequate drying time before lamination
  • drying time of 24 hours is recommended
  • storage is best to be done in the original case
  • we recommend to use heat-settings of not more than 35° Celsius - When trimming laminated pop-up panels, it‘s essential to use new /sharp blades. The cutter must be used at a very acute angle. Working with “blunt” blades can create a ridge, which could lead the composite material sandwich (laminate - inkjet coating - print media) to delaminate and damage the finished graphic.  

Advantages / Special Features

  • balanced colour reproduction and photorealistic print quality
  • quick drying with normal ink load
  • multi-purpose suitable, but especially for Pop Up
  • and other display systems
  • good scratch resistance depending on the inks being used
  • good flatness in Pop Up systems
  • part of Neschen Display Graphics Solutions (DGS)
  • fire protection*: B1 test certificate according DIN 4102-1
  • *all relevant fire- tests are generally performed with unprinted material  

Further Information

Neschen Solvoprint Easy Panel 430 B1 CA

Neschen Solvoprint Easy Panel 430 B1 CA Technical Information.